Apply for Registration

Welcome to CORU’s registration application process.

Please Note if you intend to apply to the social care worker register, please apply via the following link

This page gives you an overview of the main stages in using our online system to apply for registration with CORU. However, to understand exactly what we need, you must read the Guidance Notes - Applying for registration online for first-time applicants. These notes are essential reading if you are either:

  • a person starting to practise your profession in the Republic of Ireland (Section 38 (S38) applicants) or
  • a person who during the 5-years before the opening of the register have been practising their profession in the Republic for at least two years (Section 91 (S91) applicants).

If you are not one of the above people and you are interested in registering, you may need to go through our Recognition of International Qualifications process. You can contact our Recognition Department at

Reading the relevant parts of the guidance document will take you about an hour and this will save you far more time in the end.

What are the deadlines I need to know?

You have 30 days to submit the documents we need from the time you complete your online application. We advise you to read the Guidance Notes before you start your online application and to gather the documents you need for registration. It may take you longer than you think to get some information we need. It will all depend on your particular circumstances but you can contact us by phone 01-293 3160 or email if you have any questions.

What are the main stages of registration?

Once you have read the Guidance Notes and gathered the documents you need, you can proceed to submit your online application for registration. There are 3 stages in registration:

We can only process completed applications.

Stage 1: create user account
Create and complete a user account online (if you don’t already have one) and then fill out your details. These will include:
  • personal details
  • qualifications
  • career history (if relevant)
  • regulatory or professional membership (if relevant)
  • fit and proper questions
  • payment of the €100 fee.

When you finish the online process, you can view, print and save a PDF report of the details.

Stage 2: print and fill out forms
You will need to print and fill out the additional forms at the end of the online process.
These include:
  • an application cover page
  • eVetting invitation form
  • statutory declaration
  • proof of professional practice form (if applicable).
Stage 3: email additional forms and certified copies of other documents
You must email the additional forms and certified copies of any necessary supporting documents to CORU. We tell you about these on page 3 of the Guidance Notes. These must be certified copies of the original. Certified copies are copies of documents that have been formally checked and stamped by a certifier such as a solicitor, a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public

The supporting documents we need are on page 4 to 5 of the Guidance Notes. We do not accept or return originals. Therefore, please send us copies of all documents and certify the ones requested.

Please note
We cannot process your application until you send in all your forms and certified supporting documents. We need to get all documents we ask for 30 days after you complete the three stages of the process.

Are you a new user? No email account with us?
If you are a new user and you do not have an email account with us, please use this login page. You can only use it once and for your first time applying for registration.

If you already have a user account with us, then Login with your details

If you gained your professional qualification(s) outside of Ireland and do not have a Letter of Recognition / Accreditation from the previous Competent Authority (under The Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC), then you must complete the qualifications recognition process before you register. We accept Letters of Recognition / Accreditation from:

  • The Department of Health in Ireland
  • Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine
  • Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
  • CORU
  • Other competent authorities (email us to find out who these are)

You can contact CORU at or by phone on 01 293 3160.